Mini-CV business cards

In preparation for all the exciting events happening during Social Media Week London, I had to get organised. I’m attending several of the featured events during the week, and naturally hoping to network and meet some interesting new people, priority number one was to order some new business cards.

Moo business cards

My old business cards were a cluttered mess, and didn’t convey my design aesthetic that had developed throughout summer at Central Saint Martins (if you haven’t been following my design-progress, you’ll want to take a look at my portfolio). Even with a busy schedule I found it necessary to create a new business card design for myself and make it as practical as possible.

I wanted business cards that would make a point in very limited time, and still leave the receiver with an impression of my expertise and specialities for later reference. The idea was to create minimalist business cards with a simple design, but also to convey my skills and persona in very limited space. The design I ended up with is something I call “mini-CV business cards”, where each card acts as a very condensed résumé.

mini-CV business cards

I spent hours carefully picking words and an overall design that would accurately describe what I do and who I am.

Brand story creator, Social media enthusiast, Purposeful designer, Consciously courageous.

The result is quite accurate. In four short descriptions it concisely sums up what I do and even conveys how I work. I like it so much I had to change my profile descriptions on LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

mini-CV business cards

I’m quite proud of the result and can’t wait to hand these out at all the events I’m attending this week.

Want your own Mini-CV business cards?

Let me design a business card that says more about you than just your name and number. With a purposeful approach to the design and a word-choice that tells a story about you, you’ll end up with a powerful introduction for your next networking event. Let’s talk.

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