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Busy packing my bags and generally getting ready for a business trip to Denmark tomorrow. Hoping the London weather holds up, the tubes and planes run/fly on time and that the weather isn’t ‘too’ cold in Denmark!
This time, it’s editing the annual report I have been contracted to do the copywriting for. So far it has been an exhilarating journey – meeting wonderful people, doing some really interesting interviews with employees, consumers, managers and other stakeholders, and putting it all together to showcase their brand. Can’t wait to share the final version in April.
But instead of leave you without a Branding 101 post, here are my favorite brand-building/marketing links that I’ve come across the past week.

A weekly marketing schedule for warriors. You would have to be pretty committed to pull this off. I’m just wondering when you are supposed to have time for client work?

Some good tips on how to get your first testimonials. Another good tip is to host a giveaway of your product/services and have the winners write a testimonial.

8 simple ways to build customer loyalty. It’s all about relationships and experiences.

A series on creating a great video for your blog. I’m using this advice to create videos for my own blog and website.

Love this infographic, it’s a visual guide to online marketing. I’m printing it and putting it on my wall.

On a somewhat less brand-related note, an interesting ‘study’ a professional designer did on the quality of cheap logo design services. The agencies that only take $25-50 for a logo – you get what you pay for and they are not worth your time or money, even if you have a low budget.

A pretty funny backfired Twitter campaign for McDonalds. Seems consumers didn’t quite have the same thoughts on their products as they did themselves…

A guide for writing your new about page or elevator pitch. It’s down-to-earth yet will help you create a much better picture of yourself, your brand and your services.

Have a lovely and productive week!

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